Is this a newsletter?

This is a blog that automatically gets emailed to you. I do not understand why people want it this way but here we are. I won’t stop you from calling it a newsletter.

What does it cover?

This is about small city culture and politics and the people that make it. There will likely be posts about other things too. I don’t want to put a label on things.

Then why is it called Other Day?

Everything I write was written the other day. Maybe it was yesterday. More likely it was weeks ago. This is my attempt to temper my innate urge to be newsy and make predictions.

You can’t possibly write about all small cities, you only live in one of them. Do you take submissions?

Let’s start slow and see where this takes us.

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Why people and cities act like that.


Author of The City Authentic (2023, University of California Press) and Lecturer in Geography & Planning at UAlbany. Officer for Contingents, UUP. Sub to Other Day!